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Maltbie History

Maltbie History

"For 47 years, the true constant has been the setting of meticulous standards."

Maltbie’s story entails bringing rich historical content from diverse backgrounds and child-like exhibitions to life through institutions. It is with the partnership of these institutions, museums, visitor centers, etc., that the stories are made accessible to the public. Ours is a history of continual adaptation to new technologies, ideas and standards; yet these challenges are met with a welcomed embrace. Maltbie builds on the new forum to present new display dynamics, increasing interactivity, reduced environmental impacts, creative instinct, technical knowledge, and old-fashioned common sense.

During the past 55 years, Maltbie has been privileged to complete over 350 projects for prestigious museums, visitor centers and specialty interiors throughout North American and internationally. We are able to draw on this extensive experience with natural and history museums, science centers, and specialty interior projects to meet the increasing demands of today’s cultural markets.

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