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Glittering New Home for Mineral and Gem Collection Opens at the Carnegie Natural History Museum

January 29th, 2008

Maltbie Designs and Fabricates Showcases for World-Class Wertz Gallery

One of the most comprehensive and breathtaking collection of minerals, gems, crystals, jewelry and other pieces of art has a new home. The Carnegie Natural History Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has completed renovations to Hillman Hall adding the new 1,850 square foot Wertz Gallery to showcase their outstanding gemological collection.

While the Carnegie Museum of Natural History has spent nearly half-a-century compiling an outstanding collection of minerals and gems, the original space in Hillman Hall limited the Museum as to the quantity of what it could display. Working with the renowned museum firm Maltbie Inc., the expanded gallery and new dramatic entrance provides a new home for the brilliant collection, including many pieces that have never previously been on exhibit. The new space also provides the Museum with an engaging space to display special temporary and traveling exhibits from around the world.

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