Apprentice Carpenter/Interactive Tech

Location: New Jersey
Deadline: September 3rd, 2018

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Job Summary The fabrication team at Maltbie is a grass roots team that develops and fabricates various millwork components along with mechanical/electronic interactive exhibits for experiential environments. Many of these exhibits include motion, electronically activated components and various methods of operation. This position would be a key role in the construction of exhibits from initial prototypes to completed exhibits, and provides support for the installation of exhibitions in the museum environments when applicable. Individuals should have a keen interest in woodworking and in order to develop the high-level skills in cabinet making, prototyping, model making and machining. The position requires both collaborative work within project teams as well as independent.

Key Results Areas • Ability to learn and develop carpentry skill • Ability to read and understand shop drawings • Ability to take design ideas and develop them from concept to reality through problem solving • Attention to details • Ability to understand and follow instruction • Maintain a safe and clean work environment. • A clear commitment to quality and maintain high standard within the framework of the carpentry function • Attention to finish detail with a keen eye for aesthetics • Proven yourself to be a dynamic and action-oriented team player that is self-motivated

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